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Let's Get Something Started...Again.

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

One question we get asked repeatedly, usually by every client we meet is: How hard is it to go from one project, and walk into a new one; with a different design style? I can't answer for all designers, but I can share with you, how it is for me, and our team as a whole. It is however, kind of a tricky question. It requires a two part answer.

I may go from a traditional farmhouse client's home and walk right into a modern minimalist's home.

Fortunately for me and both those client's in the above scenario, my outa site, outa mind mentality, comes in handy. My mother used to call me the little absent minded professor. Walking into a different client's house to me, is like waking up to a new day and I find it refreshing doing a different design style. I compare it to my art. I will paint modern art , very traditional art, and everything in between. I simply love to have the paint brush in my hand pressing on the canvas, and creating something beautiful.

What is difficult for me, is actually leaving a project that is incomplete. I am not only talking about the process of creating the design, but also, the implementation of the design. With the latter, being the most difficult to leave one day to complete the next. Although, we have done this quite a bit, I still get impatient waiting on a bid, or worse; a special order material needed to complete the project.

The process:

  • Consultation: We go meet a client, get to know them a little better. During this meeting we familiarize ourselves with their style, and look at their project. This is also the time to gather budget information.

  • Designing the space: Over the course of a few days, I look at the project at different times, to ensure myself that I have looked at this space from all angles and all angles are about this client and their lifestyle. Before I consider submitting the design to a client, I always have another team member look at it.