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Let's Order Your Pieces!

In the next phase of the project we weave in additional layers to the design to bring your space to life. Layering completes the plan and gives you the professional, ‘designer’ look with additional furniture, greenery, lighting, pillows, finishes, accessories, and art.  Beautifully Done will pay for all merchandise and bill you accordingly. 

Weaving together all the layers creates a final vision for your space. While ordering often takes place at multiple points during the process, some clients prefer to wait until the end. We select items for your home from a wide range of sources chosen based on your style and budget, many of which are only available to the trade. We also work with a large network of professionals for remodels and installation. Before anything is ordered, or any remodel work commences, you will be provided with an estimate, or invoice, that outlines everything for your approval. Once you have approved of the items and paid the invoice, will we begin ordering. 

Neutral Decor

In some cases, the time after ordering provides a period of quiet excitement. After a number of weeks or months of regular design meetings and contact with our team, we’ll decrease our communication with you as we await the arrival of special ordered items. Make no mistake though, on the back end, our team is busy tracking orders, receiving and categorizing items, and planning for the final install. As questions arise, our team will touch base with you, and of course you are always welcome to contact us, but expect to hear less from us during this time of preparation.

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