Let's Put it all together! 

The final, and most exciting step is the install. With a flurry of commotion, our team, paired with movers and installers will execute the design plan. 

As a general policy, we recommend delivering all furniture and completing the space design all at once. We also wait to move furniture into a space when all contractor work has been completed. While waiting for install day can require patience, the pay-off is incredible, as your space transforms into what most clients describe as something better than they had imagined.  They describe is as Beautifully Done!   

Are you ready to make your space your dream place?  

Any Questions?  Email or you can call us! 


Design Team (479) 326-7768

Office  (479) 270-7870

Well designed living space
Beautifully designed living area
Kitchen and dining area

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Beautifully Done, L.L.C., Artists, Bentonville, AR