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Let's Make Some Plans!

Once you've become a client by signing our standard contract and paying our design fee, we’ll follow-up via email with an outline of the scope of your project based on our understanding from your consultation. We may also ask some additional questions to help us best prepare our initial design plan.

At the core of every design project is the materials palette. It’s the master design plan for your space which helps to ensure consistency and harmony across all layers of the project. We create a completely custom design profile and master plan for you, with a combination of inspiration photos and colors, materials, patterns and textures. We’ll present and discuss these selections with you, asking questions and seeking feedback to hone the inspiration into an actionable plan. 

An engineer is planning

Once we’ve established our design approach and materials palette, we’ll begin with the base or foundation of the design plan. This phase typically involves paint and wallpaper, flooring or area rugs, and larger, or more important pieces of furniture or built ins, depending on the client and project, this phase may include other details such as space or lighting plans and contractor meetings.

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