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We are a design company dedicated to making your space a beautiful refuge for you!  Whether you need us taking your dream home and making it a reality or decorating a small area or nook in your home, we will leave your space a better place!



 It all began with a love for design and decorating.   Some people have a natural ability to create and design. Trish always had a quiet genius, and never bragged or boasted of her talents.  She literally let success be her noise!  Trish is a bilateral ambidextrous, she writes two separate sentences using both her hands at the same time. She also paints canvas art pieces using both her hands working at the same time, for our clients.  Word of mouth and referrals were her only advertisement and in a few short 9 years, her dedication and hard work has paid off making Beautifully Done the company it is today! 

As our company grows, we are always looking and recruiting the most talented designers in our area to join our team! We are proud to be a part of such a great community here in NWA!  Our team of designers are working hard every day to keep up with our ever-growing region!   Now we take on commercial, as well as residential! 


"Designing is a passion, not a hobby or just a job... 

I Design So I can Create Something Beautifully Done"

~Trish Whitsell

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Design Team (479) 326-7768

Office (479) 270-7870

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