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Inspiration Boards

classic contemporary

Inspiration boards are an easy and fun way to present a room design to a client! They do not have to be to scale, as long as your client can see the flow and trust you on symmetry of size and color. In the above example (two separate room designs) there are two different rooms that the designer is arranging. It is easier with a visual for client to understand the choices vs recommendations given, thus the second example below.

I will usually, have several ideas picked out for client to review. As in these examples, I usually will use one board for two rooms if those rooms are in visual site of one another. In these examples the rooms are actually separated by another room, but in site of each other. Clients can be eclectic and have diverse taste in styles! When mixing traditional with modern, the trick is to pull off a classic contemporary room! Although, it can at times be challenging, it is the most rewarding when it all comes together beautifully!

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