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Life Gets Messy

Anyone with small children or pets know this old saying is such a true statement! Recently, I worked with a young mother who wanted an area rug, but was afraid of the cleaning process. She agreed that an area rug would really pull her room together, but also knew cleaning one can sometimes be a challenge, especially since she didn't own a carpet cleaner.

This dilemma is actually a pretty common problem amongst pet owners and parents with small children. Yes, the struggle is real!

Sure, you can hire a professional or rent a machine to do it yourself, but there's another alternative and it might just make your life a little easier:

Buy a rug you can just toss in your washing machine instead. Yes, those exist—and yes, it is life-changing! Machine washable rugs are gaining popularity and most likely the trend will continue.

Wayfair and Overstock are great places to purchase washable rugs! Below are a couple other places!

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