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Design Inspiration, Where Does It Come From?

Design Inspiration, Where Do Designers Get IT?

Sometimes in my sleep, I will awaken with a great idea for a client's bedroom or bath, but what put my dreams and sleep thoughts into that mode? Literally, most designers will get their inspiration from something you as a client will say or do. Great interior designers seem to able to do this effortlessly. In truth, the interior designer must understand color, design, architecture, furniture styles, lighting, fabrics, and accessories, and work with the existing space and the client’s goals to create a beautifully designed home. The interior designer is able to do this because they know what to look for to create a successful room design.

There are 3 things I personally look for in an interior design project :

  • Is the room functional?

  • Does the room expresses a mood?

  • Does the room exhibits a sense of harmony?

Look at the picture of any beautiful room. You might know it is successful, but often you can't say why. You may even know where the designer got the individual pieces, but you simply don’t know how they put it all together in such a wonderful way. What has the decorator done to produce such a beautiful environment? A successful interior designer, will know what to look for. This knowledge and information is what sets an interior designer apart from a decorator. A designer makes the Pinterest boards to inspire a decorator. A decorator uses Pinterest boards to copy a design introduced by an Interior Designer.

In conclusion, if you want your home to be your own and have a unique and individualized beautifully done look, you hire a designer. There is no shame in hiring a decorator or doing it yourself by using Pinterest boards, but just remember life is more fun when it is Beautifully Done. ~ Trish Whitsell

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