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What Does Your Home Say About You?

Isn't it nice when you feel like you have helped someone? When you see that smile of satisfaction? I am always so happy to help a client understand that every room in their home tells a story about them. Actually, even the style of their home, including their front door will help tell the story!

What does your front door say about you? Have you ever even thought about it before? Maybe you love clean lines?

Maybe you are attracted to beautiful curves?

Your front door literally - makes a single statement. A prelude so to speak to your story. It is an introduction into your story!

Both of these doors help tell a story, can you imagine what they might be?

Stop for a second look around your favorite room or area of your home, what does it say about you? Does it reflect your personal style, your past, your future, and/or desires? Most likely it does in subtle ways all the above, if not it should!

What story are you wanting to share with others about yourself? My first step in designing your space is always asking myself the same question "What story am I trying to convey in this room?" When designing and planing your room, a designer or decorator will use two types of contrast: textural and tonal. Textural contrast works when materials are tonally very similar, as in muted French grays. Tonal contrast, as we’ll see in this example, works to highlight form and volume.

Can you see how the texture of a wood can make your mind go to its past life as a barn; the markings and weathered patina can warm a new space with historical deference.

Each of these rooms tell a story and are great examples, both are well defined are not as subtle as most.

Everything from what is on the walls to what area rug is chosen will help tell your story. Just like books, plays, poems, paintings and music tell stories, many don't know that a home should, tell a story too!

In conclusion, my hope is that you have been looking around your own home right now imagining the possibilites!

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