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So, after a recent vacation, I took off an additional week to just do some beautifying on our yard. We just have been so busy with working that we really never had the opportunity to spend any time at home or on home projects. Funny that I make other's homes, rentals, and businesses,Beautifully Done yet, seldom my own. Thankfully my husband is very easy going, and when he arrives home from some long business trip and finds the house or yard in disarray (or just looking completely different than when he left) he just smiles and gives me thumbs up on progress.

Although I am not a landscaper, it is still very difficult for me to not design my own landscape in our yard. I love to design, so I just do. Recently, I took on our neglected back yard.

It is actually looking pretty great right now and I am feeling like I have accomplished quite a bit. Usually, I hire a contractor, or landscaper for client's needs, but always try to do my own "projects" which sometimes don't turn out quite like I imagined or designed. LOL Most of the time, they turn out great. and I love them!

Kind of like life, right? Things don't always turn out exactly the way we plan or designed, but they wind up turning out pretty great in the end...

This morning I took time to meet with a gentleman who is a small business specialist! Social media cultivator with a track record of creating and implementing successful social media campaigns. I truly didn't need his service but I am always open to hear ideas and make business connections. With my faithful side kick, my 9 year old son Thomas in toe I arrived at our meeting destination. The gentleman wasn't there yet, so I started doing what we ladies do best criticize our selves... I looked down at my fingernails that were recently all manicured but now after my "project" were looking less than fabulous. Which reminded me of yesterdays accident, during my "project" I slipped while trying to lift a heavy brick and chipped my front tooth just a tiny little bit.

By the time my appointment arrived, I was a hot mess full of self So, after introductions I confessed my self consciousness of my nails and smile. He laughed and let me know he had similar issues and started showing me some of his pictures of his own recent home projects that were pretty impressive. As we conversed the subject of owning one's own business was discussed in length. He had been part owner in a business that had failed within the same year it opened. He didn't give up, instead he plunged forward into what he is doing successfully now. I shared with him that I too had owned a business in the past that produced really nothing for me. How I had worked 2 jobs the past 7 years while building this company to the point where it would replace the income of the other job. Ironically when we were leaving the building I slipped and fell. I have always found humor in falling on my bottom, maybe because I am such a cluts, or maybe just out of sheer embarrassment LOL. When I got into my car and started the engine, it hit me how easy we forget about our own falls and failures in life. Thus, my post.

This is my truth, sometimes, no, actually most of the time; one truly does have to fail before they will succeed. Personally those failures taught some very valuable lessons that were used in future endeavors and helped make me succeed. I forget to appreciate how hard it was to get to where I am in life. I forget how hurt and disappointed I was during all the falls and failures I had before I started Beautifully Done.

Anyway, when you own your own business it is your heart, and your baby so to speak. You put in your name, time, your own blood, and all your efforts to make it successful. Customer satisfaction truly is a local business owners number 1 goal at all times. It is NEVER "just business", instead the decisions are based out of heart mixed in with the head. Never just about profit, but also about happiness.

For all of these reasons doing business with a locally owned business, truly is the best way to invest your money. It is after all your local businesses that build your community and give to local charities and events. We support our local schools, sports, and even colleges.

After reading my post today, do you feel it was helpful to you? Did it inspire you to open your own business? Maybe it opened your eyes to the importance and benefits to doing business with a local business? ~ Trish Whitsell

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