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Interior Paint Colors

Recently, I have been receiving quite a bit of clients who are needing help with appropriate wall color for different flooring. I am hoping to help those out there who might truly just have that one question "What color should I paint my walls when I have -dark, light, hardwood, tile, ect- floors?" Or at least you will understand where your designer is getting their vision for each room wall color.

Firstly, it is important to understand that it is pretty subjective and completely dependent upon what your mood/tone objective is for that area. Are you wanting an easy going relaxing room? Maybe a dramatic effect is what your yearning for? Personally, I love a romantic wall tone on my master bedroom walls.

Secondly, let's take a look at colors and mood tones...

We will use my favorite room to design, the master bedroom! If you have dark flooring generally go lighter on walls and vs versa. It isn't set in stone as I have gone dark on both depending on the tone or mood I am trying to set. The story line so to speak. As stated above I love romancing colors on the walls. Let's visit some of those I will just list shades, the names aren't as important as each vendor will have a different name for each color. I recommend Sherwin Williams usually, as they are well priced and make it so easy to find your shade! These are just a few examples, I could write a book on picking the right color of wall paint with flooring, etc. You will notice how all these colors can be used as accents as well! These are just a few examples and not in any particular order...

A. Grays

B. Plums, Purples & Lavenders