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Decorating Consistency

When I first moved out on my own, pretty much all my furniture and decorations were gifted thanks to family and friends. This helped me out so much in the beginning. Over the years, I collected more items and discovered Pinterest. All my decorating was at a project level and did not take into consideration if it all went together nicely. Basically, I ended up mixing different styles and colors, essentially creating the equivalent to a decoupage mess. It stressed me out, because my home never felt like home. It did not all tie together.

Fast forward to present time and now I know how big of a difference it makes to have consistency with the theme and colors throughout. I could talk all day about these things – maybe all month to be honest – but, I want to focus on color today. Because I suspect several of you have had similar experience, here are some tips on creating color consistency without making it monotone.

  1. Mix neutrals and bold colors

While you want to maintain consistency, you can and should pull in some bolder colors to accentuate your style. I personally like to keep the walls a neutral color and have color in my decorations or even furniture. If you came into my house, you would see pops of bright color everywhere, because that is my personality. I’ve been in several houses where the owners were too afraid to add in bold colors. I highly doubt everything about your personality is neutral, so pull in those colors into your space. If you are nervous, start small like a lamp shade or even a blanket out in the open. Over time, you can grow your confidence to add in more colors. They don’t have to be bright, but you want to bring some bold in too. Which brings me to my next point…

2. Think about the color wheel

Knowing colors can bring in is also a little nerve racking and that’s where the color wheel comes in. Think about your primary colors – yellow, red and blue. You can leverage these for ideas on your bold colors. For example, I have a chair that has some blue in it so I might tie in some purple or green with those being secondary colors in the blue family. Also, look at your wall paint color and you might can see the underlying tone. Certain grays have blue undertones that you can pull in nicely with your color scheme.

3. Consider your landscaping for colors

In my current home, I took into consideration the landscaping outside when I started these projects to better tie in my modern farmhouse style throughout the house. I have some green and yellow bushes, pink rose bushes and white hydrangeas. While, yellow and pink are not going to be colors I want to be very prominent in my house, I have little pops of those colors throughout the house. This helps pull the entire home together from outside to inside.

I hope these tips gave you some ideas on how to add in colors to make your house Beautifully Done! We would love to hear any thoughts or comments you have on this post.

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