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Selecting Window Treatments

Everyone agrees that selecting the right window treatment for your home is essential to every rooms decor and sets the tone for each room as well. Selecting the right window treatment can be a very stressful thing or it can be easier (as it is never easy) and fun if you follow some simple rules.

Look at your light fixtures, what style are they? Are they French Provincial vs Modern or Modern Farmhouse, etc? Are you planning on changing them out or are you happy with the style?

If you are happy with the style, then we can proceed!

Your window treatment should always add and not take away from the flow of the room. If you are a minimalist maybe you want no window treatment or you just want motorized roller shades that open completely without any fussy details.

If you are modern farmhouse maybe you want plantation blinds with or with out a soft treatment to add color.

If you are a traditionalist or french provincial you will be drawn to the soft treatments with or without shades.

Color selection is going to depend on floor, wall, and decor colors in each room.

A designer is trained to understand color can spark emotions, attract attention, and set the room tone. They have insight into color theory and the color wheel. A lot of color wheels have been made since sir Issac Newtons first one in 1704, but all will show a pretty clear idea of what colors flow and work together along with hue and tints. Colors are either warm or cool. If you haven't read our earlier blog on the color wheel, you should!

Essentially choosing the right color will be the most difficult of your task as the color and style together dictates what mood and tone your window treatments will set in your home.

Did this post give you some insight into how to choose the correct window treatment for your room? Maybe inspire you to look into new window treatments for your own home? ~~~ Trish Whitsell

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