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To your house frame be true...

Ever pull up to a home and immediately have an idea how the inside might be decorated? It is not only the frame (bones) of the house, but the outside siding. Is it brick, vinyl siding, stucco, wood, or fiber cement? If brick is it Old Chicago, Faux Brick, CompStone, etc.

Usually, when talking with a builder, I will let them tell me how to turn the light fixture on, even if I already know how. I allow them to tell me what they know, mainly out of curtesy, but also out of curiosity. I don't mind them underestimating me, I just don't want to underestimate them... Most builders, even if they aren't architects, are designers. They probably don't see themselves as one, but they truly are. So, I want to know who I am designing with and how much I can trust their ideas and knowledge of color appropriate outside siding covering the home itself. What we do with the outside will affect what we will be doing with the inside wall and floor colors, light fixtures, sink fixtures, and furniture.

Have you ever walked into a home and the inside doesn't match the outside? It feels just all well, wrong... lol Best example of this would be you pull into the drive of a co-worker it is a very modern steel framed home.

They aren't quite ready, so they ask you to come inside and wait a few min.

You agree, and walk through the door to find very large traditional furniture. The furniture and décor is beautiful, but it isn't what you were expecting, and it just doesn't feel right.

What you were expecting was maybe more on the lines of sleek lines and modern pieces. Pieces that match the style of the frame and outside of the home, more like this example:

The flow of the home does start from the outside of the home. Usually we as buyers are drawn to the style of home itself. Which in most cases tells your designer the styles that would appeal most to you, even if you don't know your style. After a short consultation your designer will be able to determine if your style matches the style of home you purchased, if it doesn't, they will start thinking outside the box on how to bring your style into the home and make it flow from the outside to the inside.

As you make that drive into work today, or as you drive your child to school today, or maybe your headed to the store, just look around at the homes you drive past. Isn't it kinda fun imagining how that home might be decorated inside? Okay, maybe that is just a fun thing for designers... lol

~~~Trish Whitsell

Did this post make you think about your own style of home? Does it flow from the outside into the inside?

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