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Designing in 2020

Welcome to 2020! We already have half of the first month behind us and we are so excited to see what the future brings. That is really what designing is about – thinking about the future. While others are making new year resolutions, we are busy thinking of what trends we will be seeing this year. One of the major trends for 2020 is renovating instead of selling your home. That may seems odd to you if you have ever been in a renovation, it is stressful. Sorry to bust your bubble folks, but selling or buying a home is also stressful. Then again, maybe you already found the house you love and it just needs some updates to really match your current style.

The idea of renovating an entire house can be overwhelming. Many homeowners are starting small.

Think of Shabby to Chic, which has continued to be a growing trend in the past few years.

The Modern Farmhouse style has really thrived with trend. The whole idea is to take something old and breathe life back into it so its true beauty shows through. That is a beautiful thought, don’t you think?

This is what 2020 is all about. Next time you walk by that dresser and scowl at the outdated stain, paint or fixtures – think about how can you breathe life back into it. Quality furniture should last a really long time. Sometimes you just have to think about the different ways it can look or even if the function could change. Maybe that old dresser could be updated to be a bathroom vanity and wouldn’t that be neat? Repurposing something that you may have otherwise thrown out.

Practicality and function are really where we are shifting this year if the renovation focus didn’t give you that heads up.This can be from updating that old piece of furniture to something much more simple as adding cabinet doors. Think about this scenario – you have guests over and you missed some sections when dusting around the items on your shelves. While this is not a major deal for most, it is still a resounding annoyance that you made the effort to dust and the haze over your shelf is still prominent. Because open shelves are a challenge to keep clean and tidy amidst our every day lives, and because we have to be thoughtful of the items that will be visible for all guests to see, many are opting to add those doors.

I hope you really enjoyed reading about designing in 2020 with the couple of examples I gave above. Stay tuned for the next few blogs as we dive into living through a renovation. As always, I would love to hear some of your comments and if this blog inspired you to create and end up with something Beautifully Done.

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