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Planning a Renovation?

Why is a Designer important during a renovation?

If you read last month’s blog, you’ll recall that we said renovating is huge this year. I purchased a home last December and I have learned a myriad of things – such as, designers are so important during a renovation. Especially if you expect to DIY some of the items on your to do list to save every dollar possible, you need to spend some time with a designer and here’s why.

  1. Designers can help you see the future possibilities and make sure your house flows beautifully.

Even if you know what you like, your designer can help make sure everything coordinates throughout the house. Have you ever walked into a house and noticed too much of something – like the same color is in every single room? It can take away character from your house. Or on the opposite side, maybe you have themed rooms but each room is vastly different themed from the other. Then, it may feel like an uncoordinated bed and breakfast. You may think this is pretty simple to avoid, but colors, metals and themes can be hard to coordinate in one room – let alone a whole house.

2. Designers know the good contractors.

This is so important. One bad contractor can really derail your renovation. We knew our house was a fixer upper when we bought it. However, we did not know the previous owners had some really poor contractors and we have had to undo and redo a lot of work with more to come. Designers are working with contractors every day and have high expectations for quality work.

3. Designers can SAVE you money.

You heard me. Designers can save you money. A good designer is a fantastic negotiator. They have big dreams and big ideas so the more money they can save, the more dreams they can make come true. They know the actual cost of a lot of these projects and can get you the best price possible. They also have a great idea on how much projects cost to hire someone. DIY is not always the cheapest option, because contractors get materials at a wholesale price while we pay retail. Someone in your corner will help you decide what is a practical DIY job versus leaving it up to the pros.

4. Designers can help you plan.

Renovations are a lot of work. Do not go into this project thinking it’ll be a piece of cake or you’ll have a rude awakening. There will be things you have to do first like maybe replacing or updating kitchen cabinets before flooring, because your cabinet placement may impact your flooring. Having a plan can also make it seem a little less overwhelming. Take your project in doses. Break it up and you’ll feel better as you make progress.

5. Designers will fight for you.

Designers will not only negotiate the best pricing but also protect that investment for you. They know the best contractors to hire, and who to avoid, because they’ve seen some bad ones too. The last thing you need to deal with during a reno, is trying to get someone to come back and fix their handywork. I have so many projects in my current house, because the previous owners had poor quality contractors and handymen doing the work. In some upcoming blogs, I’ll tell you all about it and how we corrected the issues. Had they invested in a designer, my house might have been better put together – both in quality work and style.

I hope this blog gave you some insights as to how important designers are during a renovation. Send us a message if you have a specific topic you would like us to cover. Next blog, we will learn more about the differences between a Designer and a Decorator. As always, thank you for reading and we hope your next projects are Beautifully Done.

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