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Back and Forth

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Anyone who does keep up with our blog, knows that I do not claim any ability to write well. l am never going to write to the masses, nor am I going to jump on the DIY trends for people to sift through. I will always write to reach fellow designers and decorators, tradesmen and women, team members, and of course, future clients.

We keep getting asked by fellow designers and team members to add to our original post "How Designers Work". I opted to just make it another blog post. At first, I was going to title this post "Things Designers Wish Their Client's Knew" but realized if we designers had better communication skills perspective clients would already know those things! SO...

Firstly, I want to preach to the choir so to speak. To artis, decorators and designers, just some random things for you to consider. If you, in the first consultation with your client tell them what to expect and what not to expect, you will have a successful meeting. Unrealistic expectations are only a problem when they aren't addressed. For my fellow designers and decorators...Client's want you to be upfront with them on what they need to know. Your second meeting (presentation of design) you should be able to give your client cost expectation of your project with a clear outline of your %.

I believe by nature most designers and artist love people, even though we as a whole aren't very outgoing, and tend to be a bit reclusive. Most of us have learned to adjust and present our products and our proposals quite well. Maybe sometimes, too well. Leaving some people, the sense of us being so fun, free spirited, and kind, that they can easily manipulate and/or take advantage of us.

I don't think most people are looking to take advantage of others, but I do agree that some definitely are

Most people that call for a design consultation may have unrealistic expectations, brought on by many DIY shows and videos, but that doesn't mean they are out to get you or take advantage of you. They often believe that a designer will just walk in and automatically know the perfect design for their space and is capable of laying all the wood flooring and tile work themselves. When in fact, the designer is about to get real about the style of home they are assessing and very up close and personal to downright nosey about the client themselves. We will ask the hard questions like Why? When? Where? The more we know your likes and dislikes, and what colors attract you, the better design can be created. It most likely will get a little uncomfortable if the designer is actually doing their job. A good, even great design can be made off designer created Pinterest boards, but a perfect design is custom created for the individual home.

Secondly, I want to talk with you out there that are not designers or decorators. Yes, you a perspective client. Designers are visual story tellers. Our job is to make sure each room is telling something about you and your family. Where you have been, who you are, or/and where you are going.

When your designer shows up, they are looking for verbal clues as to who you are, to help design the perfect space for your lifestyle. If you start the conversation with look, I have this sofa, or chair, or table, etc that I am keeping and need you to design around. Or with I printed off these from Pinterest and this is the look I want. Just know, that is exactly what that designer will do, design around those pieces and that style (if it works in your home). He or She will spend hours searching for things that will compliment your request. There is nothing wrong with this, but you need to understand, you are limiting them to actually custom create for you a complete design. Although, I always ask my clients to jump on Pinterest and be prepared to show me the styles that appeal to them, I am not asking nor do I want them to expect me to create that exact board in their home. Will your designer be able to use your existing pieces and create a design around it? Yes, absolutely. BUT just know you are not getting a complete designer's ability to create the perfect design for that space, when you tell them which pieces stay or go. I do encourage any family air looms etc to be shown to your designer, so they can work them into their design or into another room lol