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Collaboration Can Take You to the Next Level

Trish, write in your blog they say. Trish, blog about how you choose paint color. Trish blog about how you select tile. Trish don't use bad words in your blog to express yourself.

Well shit

I have never claimed to be a professional blogger or writer, but here we are my friends!

I have no desire to do what others expect and write a blog that caters to DIYS projects. I hope instead to reach that shy designer, contractor, or tradesman who realizes to reach that next level, they need to put their ego aside and build a cohesive team. A team that incorporates the best in money management, time management, and downright grit.

Is it possible to teach someone design? Short answer...Yes and No.

Some people have a natural ability to mix and match colors, patterns, and designs. Others can be taught absolutes. In other words, that natural ability will always trump the trends.

That designer with natural ability will always design outside the lines. They will test the limits, question the norms and build those "Pinterest" boards for others to "design" from.

I am not advocating leaning on talent alone. I feel it is imperative to keep learning, and to surround yourself with talented people who bring value to your company.

As a designer you have two choices. You can work with a contractor as a team (which is what I prefer) the contractor gets the headache, and you are fee to design. This cohesive relationship allows the designer to design and contractor to contract...yin and yang.

Or you can have your client be the contractor (which is more profitable to you) but just know, you get the headache as now this is your circus and those