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Design Investment

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Have you ever thought about how much art is in an actual design plan? 2D or 3D plans (usually done in some sort of CAD program) is a kind of art. It is unique art, as your art must not only give a good visual, but you must be able to show some kind of way for client to verify measurements and see your vision for their space. Actually, these are not as difficult as a hand drawn design plan. I love them and they always wow the client.

Hand drawn plans definitely are art and honestly a lot more work, as you not only have to keep it all in scale, and verifiable measurements for client, but also; be good enough of an artist to give that visual effect that will wow your client. If you are hand drawing all your design plans you definitely need a project board with actual pictures of any furniture pieces you are including in your floor plan design.

I have used both of the above approaches to present to a client at different times. When I first opened Beautifully Done, I was working full time and in school for design part time. It wasn't easy and I didn't feel like I had enough business to invest in an actual design program. I became very good with scale and implementing measurements on a grid sheet. This is a skill that I feel all decorators should obtain before a presentation of design plan is shown to a client.

Now days I will usually use both, a design program, a grid sheet, and an inspiration board. I say usually as it depends on the scale of the project.

If you are a decorator, you probably need to only use an inspiration board and floor (or room) plan drawn out on a grid sheet. Investment in a design program per year, is just another expense taking away from your bottom line numbers and truly can put you in the red.

On the other hand, designers should invest in a design program. The other method you are already well versed in by now, as paper sheets and grid scale are learned and used in design school. Although it is tempting to use, the liability of a mistake falls directly back on you. A simple measurement mistake can ultimately cost your company license and/or your personal design license. At the very least mis-measurement it will cost you money or time. Even if you are working with or under a contractor. Most general contractors are not experts in the phycology of color or the science of interior design. If they were, they certainly wouldn't pay extra for your expertise. If your operating under your own contractor license, of course it still falls back on

If you are a client and looking at different design plans, maybe now you have some insight as to why either plan was presented and it helps you make a good decision on who will earn your business.

If you are a decorator I hope this gives you some insight, some inspiration and also saves you some hard earned money at the end of the year.

If you are a designer, stop reading blogs and start implementing some of your designs... LOL No, really; I rely on reading other designers blogs to inspire me, and give me insight into other things as well. I hope this helped you make that investment into the growth you have earned and deserve!

No matter who you are or why you are here, I hope this little blog was helpful to you.

Remember, Life Is More Fun, When It Is Beautifully Done!

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