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Ignorance vs Stupidity

Updated: Feb 4

Wanna know what writer's block looks like? Continue to read this very unenlightening post...

I have been asked to write in the blog several times and tonight was my deadline. I sat here and thought of all the things I would love to share with the world, the trials and the overcoming of each of those. The glorious things we have in store for us as a company (thus my deadline). As I sat and looked at the blank screen, I realized my creative block has been brought on by my own stupid need to help others succeed. Brought on by bringing a circus with all kinds of monkeys, into an environment that has no cages to hold all that crazy.

He had worked for us several times before. Actually, 9 jobs he had done for us (in a span of 1 1/2 years), just not in the full compacity of a contractor. This was an opportunity that any sane person who hasn't established their own business presence yet, would have jumped through hoops to obtain. I am bringing the client, and our shared vision; to the contractor to help us create.

He now was looking at having not only that yearly opportunity but 3 times that amount and having all our jobs per year.

I was looking for a contractor who would not only want to bring my visions to life but was capable of the job, and in turn, giving me the reliability of a working team.

Most of my writer's block dilemma could have been avoided if I weren't an absolute idiot when it comes to trusting and believing in stupid people. I feel all of us are capable of doing stupid things at some point in time in this crazy thing we call life. Because, of my acknowledgement of my own capability of "doing stupid" through different periods of my life, I make way too many excuses for others.

The good part of this uninspiring blog post (that I was told that I needed to make), is that I overcame the inherent desire to help someone who truly is unworthy of our time. I will no longer feel the need to help anyone succeed that doesn't already have the ability to do so on their own accord. Note to self "If someone has to hire someone's to be their eyes and ears, they are dishonest thieves who actually need someone to help them steal materials off jobsites and/or extort money from others without earning it".

Of course no website, or even FB business page to leave a review, no accountability at all.

I'm usually a pretty quick study...unless, I believe I am helping. The irony of my last sentence is my inherent need to help.

Most people I believe are capable of understanding a sound merging of seperate skill sets and would seize an opportunity for working on many projects together and learning how to grow and manage their own business successfully. Others, who are stupid, see a one time opportunity to take advantage of someone's kindness. They are actually incapable of ever being successful because their inability to learn and their own inherent need to take advantage of others. In the end their reputation for their dishonest business dealings will proceed them. Just as a good reputation will open the doors for those who are honest.

Looking back, the first time they started in with their excuses of why things were done incorrectly (all of which Beautifully Done paid for them to correct, which is very unusual for us. The contractor should always be the one to pay for mistakes made by their subs or at least see them corrected), or why work wasn't progressing, I should have just fired them for having no sense of ownership, or the constant lies of where job materials were disappearing to, which on its own makes them shady as shit. BUT the kicker is: by the time you realize 1+2 doesn't equal the 3 you were expecting, they have you invested. Invested to the point that you have to protect your client AND your business and all that people who are associated with your business. The whole while they are whispering sweet nothings in your client's ears too, and you got to hope you can survive to the finish without having a heart attack or commit suicide due to the stress from all the crazy they have suddenly brought into your normally pretty tranquil life.

In the end we protected our clients. We absorbed the loss ourselves, we were able to complete the project.

I will again feel inspired to share some tad bit knowledge or look into a designer's thoughts during the design process. I will again feel inspired to pick up the paint brush and create something that brings me peace. I will, because I have always, and I will always strive to keep moving forward.

Pretty sure I will be told to take this post down, as it isn't inspiring anyone to design or hire a designer.

I do want to warn people about how easy it is to be taken in by a crooked stupid person who feels they have to rely on manipulation and thievery to make it through life. These thieves are able to survive not because the can out wit, outthink, or are even smart, but instead mainly because, good people, regardless of IQ, want to believe the best in others. Also, because intellectual people would like to believe we can educate and help the stupid. BUT we cannot.

Alas, a court of law is my only recourse. Although, I know I will win judgment, if he has nothing? Ugh ! Why can't people just do the right thing and not be assholes?

This blog does offer some insight however into how creative minds are affected by stress and by stupid people.

Ultimately, you can educate the ignorant, but you can't fix stupid.

Wanna know how I feel about you reading this blog post to the end?

I am impressed with your ability to completely read an uninspiring bitch session. I don’t normally have the stomach for it. BUT, don't take it too hard, I have done a lot of stupid things too...obviously.


~ Trish Whitsell

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