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Just Don't Do It...

Hey there! I know the expectation is for me to write a DIY with a "Just Do It" by showing or talking about some new trend you can implement yourself. I want to do something different though, let's look at the things you really shouldn't do when it comes to remodel.

One of the reasons why I do not write little DIY projects for clients, and why I think it is now almost distasteful, is the following scenario.

Recently, we started a renovation of a home built in the 1980 time period. A beautiful home, overlooking a lake in Bella Vista, Arkansas. The previous owners had at some point grown tired of the wallpaper they had everywhere in the home and opted to paint it. They literally painted over every square inch of it. Mind you that wallpaper most likely adorned those walls for well over 40 years. They were wise enough to use an oil-based primer, but even that didn't save the wallpaper against father time and stated to peel and come up in different locations throughout the home.

If you are unfamiliar with oil paints, they are very durable and will adhere quite well and did in most areas, making now the removal of the wallpaper a freaking nightmare! I understand why some homeowners do it as removing old, damaged, or peeling wall coverings is a time consuming and messy ordeal!

BUT the kicker is the time and money the homeowner believes they are saving can and at some point, will be an expensive mistake. Think about this, have you ever seen wallpaper start to peel? No matter how beautiful it once was, once it starts to crack and peel it looks just awful.

I am not anti-wallpaper; I actually love it when it is well placed. I love to see it in small bathrooms adding depth to the space. I especially love textured wallpaper! In a master bedroom some textured wallpaper behind that master bed can be stunning!

I can think of so many areas that wallpaper adds depth and/or gives the space the look a designer or homeowner is trying to achieve.

If you google painting wallpaper, there are tons of bloggers that were more than happy to share with you how to do it. They even talk about how much money and time you will save. I gotta tell you, no matter how much respect I have for a fellow designer or decorator, I will lose a little bit of it, if they tell me they do paint over wallpaper, or encourage it. As a designer you should be protecting your client's investment in home decor, and home improvement projects. Anyone, who has been in this business a hot minute knows, this will not stand the test of time and when it starts to peel, guess what? The homeowner now has to pay extra to get that hot mess off their walls.

I could go on, but really at some point this would read/sound like a nagging spouse, so in summary... JUST DON'T DO IT. Instead, take the time, make the mess, and do it the correct way the first time. You will save yourself the headache, money, and time later on.

~ Trish Whitsell

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