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The Skeleton Key For Design

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Hello Friends!!

We have been so busy here that I have neglected to blog, partly because it is my least favorite thing to do, and partly because I have been having so much fun designing with you!

Every time I walk into a new room the first thing I notice is color and symmetry. I can tell when I see the kitchen backsplash if a designer or trained eye was involved in the decision process. When a designer helps find that perfect backsplash, it will enhance the color symmetry of the overall room. The overall design will bring in the right amount of color from the floor, the wall, the countertops, and the cabinets themselves. It should also enhance the overall ambiance of the home from the outside to the inside.

Remember designing truly is all about symmetry of size, color and style. In other words, it wouldn't make much sense to introduce a one and only new color into a room without pops or percentage of it elsewhere. Nor would it make sense to make a kitchen into a farm house country style in an otherwise modern home. Although, we can "update" and make a country home more modern or contemporary, it wouldn't make sense to make it completely modern on the inside without changing the outside. One should always stay true to the style from outside to inside of the home.

Here is an example I used to help a client decide of center island color. They originally wanted a light blue center island. With these other colors in the kitchen: backsplash and granite countertop.

The pictures below were our suggestions.

Design should always be well thought out, and purposeful.

Notice how I bring in brown/black counter stools with the darker blue/grey center island?

Notice with the light grey, I bring in black chair at the kitchen table?