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This painting is a commission only painting.  It takes up to 1 week to create and 2 weeks to dry. Colors can be changed to match your room and size of canvas choice available. Oil or Acrylic choice of medium

24x36 $450.00

20x30 $400.00

Each hand painted by Trish Whitsell.  

Trish Whitsell is a bimanual simultaneous ambidextrous artist and designer in Arkansas.  What is a bilateral simultaneous ambidextrous? She writes separate sentences at the same time using both hands with ease. She writes forward, backward, and mirrored.  Using her hands independently of each other simultaneously while writing is what sets her apart from most ambidextrous.  Actually, it makes her one of the rarest kind of artist.  
Trish is best known for her design company, Beautifully Done, which ranks amongst the highest rated design companies in NWA. But she is well known for her hand painted commissioned art, on gallery wrapped canvases, using any medium. She is a talented artist who just might be capable of painting anything that is commissioned work. One of the few artists who paints with both her hands, collectors of her work love this fact. Being an actual ambidextrous, makes each painting truly original and her, a rare sort of artist. Oil paintings that are textured, and stunning. Acrylic paintings that are textured and absolutely beautiful. Watercolor paintings that are classy, stylish and beautifully done.

Night Hunt 1

SKU: 10013
  • Snowy Owl Painting

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